view riding up from port at Santorini

view from ride

there's our hydrofoil leaving

those things really move fast

i'm glad i just took the pic and didn't see the bus was in the oncoming traffic lane...

street in front of our hotel on Santorini

street view

walking up to watch the sunset

Private villa on cliff front.  notice personal 'cave' in which their boats went in and out


post card pic

post card pic of red beach that we didn't make

personal back porch of lucky resident


looking out from our perch on Santorini

church that was closed

Betty!  This was before Jeanie froze her patootie off waiting for the sunset that took 2.5 hrs.  $12 glasses of wine was an expensive wait.

Sidewalk in town

view from our room on Santorini

back deck view from our room

The Greeks don't go in much for large beds.  All rooms have 2 twin beds.

There was a TV up on the wall. 

outside view of our hotel, Thira Nissos

view of backside of hotel from the pool

this was a great (cold) pool!  no skimming needed.  the water overflows into the grates that circle the pool

Ah, yes...I know what you're thinking but these are really awnings that were folded down because of the wind

square from the internet cafe

this was the biggest squid head i've ever seen!  the picture doesn't begin to give it justice.

cobblestone streets