Gypsy Witch Productions

Transfer your VHS tapes to DVD format!

The prices below are for DVDs that are exact copies of the VHS tapes.

The copies are of great quality, as good if not better than the tape copies,

and they should play in any DVD player or computer. 

I test each DVD in both a computer and a portable DVD player.

I provide the DVD blanks; the customer provides whatever storage cases s/he chooses,

or I can provide those for an additional $1 per DVD storage box.

I do not use disc labels as they can prevent the DVD from playing in some players.

Here are the official rates per order per individual customer or organization.  Cash, personal check or Cashiers Check. credit cards or money orders accepted

* $15 for the 1st DVD ($10 if current ABA member);
* $10 each for the 2nd thru 19th DVD;
* $  5 each for the 20th plus DVD.

       Plus applicable sales tax  (plus shipping & handling, if applicable)

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