Port Rafti.  We went here the day after we checked in at the Markopoulo Hotel. Tourist 'bobbers' in the water.

nice beach...no tourists.  we think this much be where the locals hang out and keep it secret.

this was church that was open but no one was there.

someone had been there not so long before...

i like the neon tubing around the cross...

that's bob in the background shadow, looking thru his binoculars.




the place we wished we'd know about and stayed at

this is hard to tell, but there is a giant sea slug in the water.  it had been washed up on shore and was going to die.  bob showed it to me and i grabbed a piece of sheetrock and scooped it up on there to get it back to the water.  it let out an ink ooze that was incredible.  it was the size of a football and looked and felt like a piece of liver.

this was after i had scooped it up and tossed it out to sea.  it was beautiful once it opened up and started to swim back into the sea.

these are sea urchins

these are shrimp that are so small you would never notice them.  i zoomed in w/ my camera in a shallow pool.  i bet they couldn't be more than 1/4 inch long at most.