we walked around to this side of the island and looked back at the town

this is really a very tiny boat...one man is all it will hold

another view across the water to the town we stayed at

another view

another view

another view

looking at the town we stayed at

old rusted anchor chain that went down into the water

looking at the town from the beach i loitered at

from the beach

the beach!  it cost 1.5 euros per day to sit in the chair

bob at the beach pub.  couple in background is from england and drank wine out of the bottle.  they spent most all day at the beach.  they thought the water was warm...ha!

bob at the beach pub

church on the lake in the town

church sign

from the front door, you didn't even notice that you could walk into the church to the left.  some tourists came out of nowhere and scared the mythos right out of me!

church wall

church wall

church wall

church corridor.  pitch black w/out a flash.  open to the public w/ no one in authority there.

nautical things in the church

church wall from standing in the pitch-black corridor

in the middle of the pitch-black corridor.


fossils in the church

paintings laying against the wall on the floor of the church.  no one guarding them.

another painting sitting on the floor

more nautical stuff

barred off hole in the church


more nautical stuff

nautical signs in the church

more signs in the church

another sign in the church

another 'sign' in the church

funeral procession that blocked all the traffic.  must have been an important person from size of procession and military band

closer view of funeral procession

looking across the lake from a restaurant

boats at the lake

looking at the lake and restaurants from up on the hill

another view that includes duck houses on the left.  like dog houses.  no predators on the lake

duck houses up close

duck houses from not so up close

restaurant & pub




looking out to see from the bay

another one





port...gee, i must have taken several of these...


the Rock Shop!  beautiful!

didn't go on this but wanted to

the 'Sponge' and spice shop.  betty is shopping (surprise, surprise...). sponges are stacked to the ceiling and his car on the street was full of them.

street scene


front side of the church that was closed

another view

this is the inside of the closed church.  pitch-black, but i shot the pic w/ no flash and here's what turned out