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(rent for $3 per DVD for 4 week period; $5 refundable deposit)

1-2-3 Drum Solo with Bahaia (donated by Jada Simpson)

ABA A Night of the Improv! March 21, 2008

ABA A Night of Traditional Bellydance August 24, 2013 (available for check-out Mar. 1, 2014)

ABA Another Year and a Day (AYaaD) Show October 9, 2009

ABA Jukebox Bellydance I January 22, 2010

ABA Jukebox Bellydance II January 14, 2011

ABA Jukebox Bellydance III January 21, 2012

ABA Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe Show July 11, 2008
ABA Performance at Zilker Park December 17, 1999

ABA The Many Faces of Bellydance featuring Atash July 2, 2011
ABA Year and a Day (YaaD) 2007 Show

ABA Yet Another Year and a Day (YAYaaD) Show September 11, 2010
Amaya Dances
American Belly Dance Legends

American Tribal Style-Tribal Basics
American Tribal Style-Beyond Basics

An Evening of Experimental Dance featuring Amara and others (door prize donated by Amara to winner Sherrie Shaw; available pending Board approval)
Bellydance! Magical Motion With Atea & friends
Bellydance-Portraits of Nagwa Fouad
Bellydancing During Pregnancy-Gaby Mardshana Oeftering
Bellydancing-The Sensuous Workout with Shamira

By Dancers for Dancers-Live Bellydance Performances Vol. 3 (donated by Jada Simpson)
Chuy's Children Giving to Children Parage-November 27, 2004
Cleopatras Restaurant in San Francisco
Dahlena-Volume II
Dance Illusion-Explore with Raja
Dances of Egypt-Araf
Dancing Live to Raja
Delilah's Costume Workshop Part I
Delilah's Costume Workshop Part II
Dina in Monte Carlo
Egyptian Night-Suhair, Hanna, Fifi, Hala and More
Egyptian Pop Choreography with Jillina
Fat Chance Belly Dance Live!
Fat Chance Belly Dance Tattooed One
Fat Chance Belly Dance Tribal Basics-Volume I
Fat Chance Belly Dance Make-up & Costume-Volume 2
Fat Chance Belly Dance Tribal Basics Video Workshop-Volume 3-Zils
Fat Chance Belly Dance-Who We Are
Fat Chance Belly Dance Vol. 7

Fat Chance Belly Dance Vol. 8 - Floorwork

Fifi Abdo

From East to West- Z-Helene

Gypsy Fire Part 1 & 2-Spanish/Arabic Gyspy Dance by Amaya (donated by Jada Simpson)

Gypsy Fusion 3-Gypsy Skirt Choreography by Gitane (donated by Jada Simpson)
Hadia-Oriental Dance Raks Esharqui
Hahbi Ru-Desert Wanderers

How to Become a Killer Ziller with Michelle Joyce (donated by Jada Simpson)
Ibrahim Farrah presents A Journey
Mahmoud Reda Seminar-Volume I
Mahmoud Reda Seminar-Volume II
Memories of Shake and Bake Festival '96
Mona El Said-Teaching at the International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance
Morocco and the Casbah Dance Experience-N. African & Middle Eastern Music and Dance Tape
Ode to the Elements- Z-Helene
Oriental Fantasy IV, Unterrichtsvideo Zinah Mit Beata Zadou
Oriental Fantasy V, Agypyische Folklore und Raks Sharqui Orientalischer Tanz- Beata & Horacio
Oriental Fantasy VI-Beata and Horacio with Tahia Carioca
Ragia Hassan-1996 Grand Tour of America Oriental Dance Workshop
Rare Glimpses, Dances from the Middle East Volume I
Sah-ra-Direct from Cairo
Sahra Saeeda - Volume III
Shareen El Safy- Technique II
Shareen El Safy- Technique III
Shareen El Safy- Technique V-The Spirit of Egyptian Dance

Shunyata Bellydance-Fire of the Spanish Gypsies (donated by Jada Simpson)

Shunyata Bellydance Texas Renaissance Festival 2007 (donated by Jada Simpson)
Suhaila Salimpour-Volume II-Egyptian Dance-Jamila Format
Suhaila Salimpour-Volume III-Egyptian Dance-Jamila Format
Suhaila Salimpour-Advanced Choreography Drum Solo
Suhaila-Arabian Melodies
Suhaila Unveiled
Suhair Zaki and Fifi Abdo-Live in Gulf
Suzanna Del Vecchio-Dances from the Heart Volume II
Suzanna Del Vecchio presents Precision Motion Workout
The Temptation of Bellydance
The Annual San Francisco Belly Dance Festival & Mr. And Miss America of the Belly Dance Contest 1989
The Belly Dancer Volume I
The Belly Dancer Volume II-starring Suzanna Del Vecchio
The Lucy Show-Veraity of Dances '96
The Stars of Egypt-Volume 3-Samya Gamal #1
The Stars of Egypt-Volume 1-Naima Akef #2
The Stars of Egypt-Volume 2-Taheyya Karioka
The Stars of Egypt-Volume 4-The great Unknown, part 1

Tribal Style-Becoming a Belly Dancer (donated by Andrea Wagnon; available pending Board approval)
Visions of Arabia-The Near East Dance Theatre

VHS Tapes

(rent for $3 per VHS for 4 week period; $5 refundable deposit)

Amir Thaleb y la Arabian Dance Company presents Fakaruni, Nov. 2003 w/ Virginia, Maiada, Sarat, Monica veitz, Dalal El Baba, Mario Kirlis, Osvaldo Brandan, Daniel Shadrawy, & Hector Karayannis (donated by Angela Nations); DVD available pending Board approval

Circles of Light-Spinning & Twirling from around the World; includes footage of Staff, Poi, Flags, Meteors, Glowsticks, & fire performers (USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, & England); (donated by Angela Nations)

De Ann's Dream (De Ann Adams); includes two complete performances with Light Rain playing Live, one with her troupe, The Dream Dancers (donated by Lissa Anderson); DVD available pending Board approval

Mona El Said, Vol. 3 w/ Shareen El Safy, Hassan Harfouche, Maleeha, Medea Mahdavi, and Angelika's Dance Ensemble; 60 min. 1997 footage by Turquoise International; DVD available pending Board approval

Missing Binders

Due to binders being lost from the Library, there is a $20 deposit on any book or pattern checked out.  Some of these are out-of-print and cannot be easily replaced.  These items can be checked out for a two-week period and your deposit will be refunded upon return of the item(s).  Again, please check your private library and see if the following two copies of these two books are there:  The Belly Dance Costume Book (1st of 2 copies) and The Oldest Dance.


(rent for $3 per Pattern for 4 week period; $20 refundable deposit)

Al-Zahra's Ghawazee Coat
Cemeyeh's Caftan
Saadia's Vest
Tahia Alibeck's Belts
Tahia Alibeck's Bras
Suzanna's Swirl Skirt
Markvash's Turkish-Arab Vest


(rent for $3 per Book for 4 week period; $20 refundable deposit)

The Art of Making Dances by Doris Humphrey (2 copies)
Bellygrams:  Another Approach by Johanna Borovicka
A Pictorial History of Turkish Dance by Metin And
Dance Perspectives Spring 1961
Charmaine's Bellygramming Successfully

Grandmother's Secrets-The Ancient Rituals & Healing Power of Bellydancing by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi (donated by Jada Simpson)

A binder of 3 costuming books; counts as one book rental (donated by Susan Belgard in memory of Chryssa Belgard)


ABA CD Archive 1981-1992)

ABA CD 2010 OPA! Newsletters


Deposits and Priviledges

Austin Bellydance Association Members:  please contact Sahhira (click here) to arrange for a time to come and check out the library.  The Library is now located at Sahhira’s house in northeast Austin, about 7 miles from the University area.  Email for the specific address.  We regret that the Library is not set up to mail items to members for check-out.  You can mail your checked items back but it's easy to just drop them (except for oversized books) off in the mail slot (like a real library!) at ANY time and save the shipping postage.